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Teacher's Card Trick Video Categories

You'll find all the card tricks on this site broken down into simple categories

Easy card tricks are tricks for beginners which require very little or no sleight of hand. Many easy tricks are self working. Some are are interactive and others are so simple that a tutorial video is not necessary. However, you may see a RELATED VIDEOS link at the top right of the video. Click on the link for an explanation or tutorial video. See the EASY CARD TRICKS REVEALED page for a larger selection of videos.

Many of these videos will include a performance and tutorial in the same video. Easy card tricks may be self working and may require some sleight of hand, however, most beginners should be able to perform these tricks with a little practice. Click on the RELATED VIDEOS link at the top right of the video to see a performance of the trick.

Mathematical card tricks may also be self working and require some sleight of hand. Some mathematical tricks may require quick thinking and creative patter. Some of these tricks are very simple and require little or no explanation while others may be a bit more complicated. Click on the RELATED VIDEOS link at the top right of the video for an explanation or tutorial video.

Although many mathematical card tricks are self working they may require a clear and detailed explanation. Many of these videos may include both the performance and tutorial for each trick, however, you may need to click on the RELATED VIDEOS link at the top right of the video to see the performance.

Amazing cards tricks pretty much cover everything from easy to difficult sleight of hand to card tricks which involve the use of gimmick cards. Click on the RELATED VIDEOS link at the top right of the video for the tutorial video which will teach you how to perform each trick. There is a larger selection of videos which may include a performance and tutorial in the AMAZING CARD TRICKS REVEALED section.

This section has the largest selection of the best card tricks. Many of the videos include a performance and a clear and detailed tutorial on how to perform the trick. Amazing card tricks is a vert broad category which includes all gimmicked and non-gimmicked card tricks that may range from intermediate to difficult. See CARD SLEIGHT TUTORIALS for more detaled explanations of the card handling techniques used in many of these videos.

Cards sleights are handling techniques used in most card tricks. These include FORCING a card on a spectator, CONTROLING the selected card to the top or bottom of the deck, FALSE CUTS, SHUFFLES, ELMSLEY COUNTS, and many other card handling skills which are necessary to properly perform most card tricks.

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