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Oil and Queens | Patter Tips - Amazing Card Trick Revealed - The Card Trick Teacher

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Oil and Queens | Patter Tips
by andyfieldmagic

This CARD TRICK is a very cool packet effect that can even be used for street magic. It belongs to to the Oil and Water card trick family. Credits to Roy Walton.


I want you to perform the best magic possible so here is one big tip to help you with your patter: Patter, or what the magician says as he performs his magic is very important. It can help make or break your magic.

Patter is a large subject but the tip I want to give you here is to memorise your patter. Either write it down or commit it to memory. All the top magicians in the world do this and there are many advantages for doing so.

Memorising your patter is one of the best way to get rid of all those um and ers as you speak and it will make you come across more confident and professional if you can communicate without hesitating.

Memorising your patter also frees up a lot of brain memory space, giving you one less thing to worry about when you perform. This will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your performance such as being able to connect with your audience.

Some people say don’t memorise your patter because it will make you sound un natural but actors do it all the time and if you are a performing magician that’s what you are – an actor playing the part of a magician trying to sell you magic performance to your audience.

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May 2nd 2015


At first you have 4 queen and then you have 5 card that is red black red black then you do a hammon count to show you have 9 of red black red black then you dill of 4 card that is the 4 queen then you show you still have red black red black then you take the first card then you reverse the order then you take it and yo sandwich it beetwen those 3 cards then you flip over all the packet and you do an elmsley count to show you have 4 red cards then you show that in the table you have 4 queen that is red black red black

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