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Horse Race Gambling Card Trick. - Easy Card Trick Revealed - The Card Trick Teacher

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Horse Race Gambling Card Trick.
by BruceMoose77

The Secret.

1.The race track has a Starting Block, followed by 14 spaces, and then the Finish Block. One Starting Block has the word "red" in it, and the other "black".

2.False shuffle and cuts. (Optional)

3.Next, give them 28 cards to shuffle FACE DOWN. DO NOT mention amount of cards. The 28 cards consist of 14 red and 14 black. You can have these cards ready as a packet, or just pick them out of the deck in clumps and put on table being careful not to disclose the amount of cards.

4.While they are shuffling their packet, have them pick a horse. Also note the color of the top card of the deck. If their token is on the black starting spot, make sure the top card is red. If their token is on the starting red spot, make sure the top card is black. You can casually shuffle the deck when they make their choice to bring a red or black card to the top as necessary. Remember, the card on top of the deck has to match your horse's color.

5.Hand the deck to the spectator and have them place their packet of cards on top. They deal a card off the top . If the card is red, the red horse moves 1 space forward. If it is black, the black horse moves 1 space forward. The first horse to land in the "Finish" space wins. Magician will always win.

6.This is the simple version of the effect. Use your creativity to change things around to suit your style and hide the method. You can also change the length of the track. Less spaces is better. Use decorative tokens.



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